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Nov 1, 2021

After our last media training workshop in Armenia, we´ve been monitoring our trainees' work by helping them with pitches for international media outlets and, eventually, with their stories.The war in the southern Caucasus region is not over. The international media is seemingly putting the focus elsewhere but civilians in Nagorno Karabakh are facing a lack of basic services such as water and electricity and, very specially, security. Clashes are still a common currency, several villages have either been emptied or cut in two by the new boundaries between Armenia and Azerbaijan and thousands of families remain displaced. Foreign journalists are no longer on the ground, so the work of the local ones is as crucial as ever.
This is how they´re telling the story.

  1. Displaced women from Artsakh find home in a a small weaving studio (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror Spectator)

  2. Heatwave and drought leave Nagorno Karabakh short of water (Gevorg Mnatsakanyan, Eurasianet)

  3. Kärlek och krig i Artsach (Irina Safaryan, Blankspot)

  4. Construction noise replaces sound of fighting (Gevorg Mnatsakanyan, Eurasianet)

  5. Un rostro de mujer en la guerra de Nagorno Karabaj (Siranush Sargsyan,

  6. Conflicte del Nagorno Karabakh: les dones desplaçades es preparen per a una nova guerra (Gohar Ghazaryan, Diari de Barcelona)

  7. Azerbaijan-Iran tensions highlights Karabaj´s energy supplies (Gevorg Mnatsakanyan, Eurasianet)

  8. Iazidites a Armenia, entre l´amor y l´oblit (Lilya Grigoryan, Diari de Barcelona)

  9. Los días entre fantasmas (Anush Ghavalyan, Gara)

  10. A village between war and peace (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror Spectator)

  11. Life among ghosts: One year after the war in Nagorno-Karabakh (Anush Ghavalyan, Greek City Times)

  12. Love and war in Arstakh (Irina Safaryan, Armenian Weekly)

  13. Fashion provides work and hope in Artsakh (Siranush Sargsyan, Mirror Spectator)

  14. Tangled up between wine and war (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror Spectator)

  15. The Pure Spirit of ‘Zulali’ Appears on the Big Screen (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror Spectator)

  16. The road to revival (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror Spectator)

  17. Herri bat gerraren eta bakearen artean (Lilit Shahverdyan, Argia Astekaria)

  18. From one conflict zone to another: Vahe’s move from Lebanon to Armenia (Lucy Manvelian and Rima Grigorian, Nationalia)

  19. Stepanakert’s Bardak: Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror-Spectator)

  20. One happy day (Lusine xxxx) Story selected for a compilation

  21. The Female Faces of the Artsakh War (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly

  22. Limoneros que dan moras (Gohar Ghazaryan, Jot Down Magazine)

  23. El Ararat se veía desde el Fuji (Anush Ghavalyan, Jot Down Magazine)

  24. ¡Salta, Ninel, salta! (Kristina Abovyan, Jot Down Magazine)

  25. Artsakh youth opening new horizons (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  26. La guerra en Ucrania abre la herida en Nagorno Karabaj (Anush Ghavalyan, Gara)

  27. Santa Claus from Los Angeles Spreads Joy in Artsakh (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly

  28. Artsakh officials fight cultural erasure (Siranuysh Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly

  29. Gayane Grigoryan: An Artsakh Mother’s Story of Love, Loss and Finding Home (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  30. Women of Artsakh for peace (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  31. Run Silent, Run Deep: The Six Survivors of War (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror-Spectator)

  32. Azerbaijan to eliminate Armenian cultural heritage (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror-Spectator)

  33. The teachers of Artsakh border villages (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  34. Celebrating Palm Day in Aghavno (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  35. An Artsakh´s mother´s story of love and loss (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  36. The heart of home in Artsakh with Hovig Esmerian (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  37. First major peaceful protests in Artsakh (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror-Spectator)

  38. From churches to explosion sites: Vadim´s crazy tours (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror-Spectator)

  39. Residents of a Karabakh village in limbo brace for handover (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  40. Campers from around the world head to Artsakh (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly

  41. Artsakh war veteran Yakov Altunyan: starting from scratch again (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  42. Aghavno´s fight for survival (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  43. Artsakh youth opening new horizons (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  44. Sunrise in Artsakh (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  45. Birth and marriage rates increase in Nagorno Karabakh (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  46. Camp season in Artsakh (Irina Safarian, The Armenian Weekly)

  47. Artsakh showing his endurance through theatre (Lilit Shahverdyan, Mirror-Spectator)

  48. Tatik and Papik: the roots of Artsakh (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  49. Karabakh residents increasingly questioning Russian peacekeepers (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  50. Armenians leave Karabakh village (Lilit Shahverdyan, Euronews)

  51. Azerbaijan retakes control of three Karabakh settlements (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  52. One displaced woman´s new start in Syunik (Serena Hajjar, The Armenian Weekly)

  53. Començar nou després de la guerra (Serena Hajjar, Diari de Barcelona)

  54. To be black and crash the goal in Nagorno Karabakh (Anush Ghavalyan, Inter Press Service)

  55. Forced to evacuate nago9rno Karabakh face uncertain future (Taline Oundjian, France24)

  56. A wounded childhood (Johny Kondakjian, Maat for Peace Development and Human Rights used for Human Rights Council in Geneva)

  57. Աղավնոյից դուրս է գալիս վերջին ընտանիքը (Gayane Aleksanyan,

  58. Armenians travel warily along new road to Karabakh (Lilit Saverdyan, Eurasianet)

  59. Ghost towns and grieving (Taline Oundjian, France24)

  60. Thousands join protests in struggle for self-determination in Artsakh (Siranuysh Srgsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  61. (Siranuysh Sargsyan,

  62. Des Armeniéns s´engangent dans des goupes paramilitaires (Taline Oundjian, France24)

  63. En visite en Arménie, Nancy Pelosi condamne les attaques "illégales" de l'Azerbaïdjan  (Taline Oundjian, France24)

  64. Möt kvinnorna som röjer minor efter kriget: ”Visst tjatas det om att det inte är kvinnogöra” (Siranuysh Srgsyan, Blankspot)

  65. Armenian women after war (Anush Ghavalyan, AGBU Insider Magazine)

  66. My ghost, my enemy (Arpi Bekaryan, Caucasus Edition)

  67. Meet the women who clear mines in Nagorno Karabakh (Siranuysh Srgsyan, Blankspot)

  68. Russian-Armenian billionaire to take on powerful role in Nagorno-Karabakh (Lilit Saverdyan, Eurasianet)

  69. המלכודת הקפקאית האיראנית (Gilad Sade and Gohar Ghazaryan, Times of Israel)

  70. Զինված ադրբեջանցիներից մի քանի հարյուր մետր հեռու Խաչիկում խաղող են հավաքում

  71. Russian exiles in Caucasus confront wartime identity crises (Arpi Bekaryan, Eurasianet)

  72. Amid peace talks, Karabakh Armenians ponder uncertain future (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  73. The People of Artsakh: Resilience and Anguish (Lilit Saverdyan, EVN Report)

  74. Russian parliamentarian banned from entering Armenia (Lilit Saverdyan, Eurasianet)

  75. Shattered but Still: Residents of Armenian Borderline Communities Yet Again on the Brink (Lida Asilyan, The Mirror Spectator)

  76. Massive crowd turns out to rally for Artsakh (Siranuysh Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  77. Tradition and culture reign in Gupar Games (Siranuysh Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  78. Artsakh Can't Afford to Wait for the International Community to Sound the Alarm of Genocide Johny Kondakjian, Newsweek)

  79. Children use crayons to reflect on war (Kristine Khanoyan, Caucasus Edition)

  80. Russian-Armenian billionaire starts work as Karabakh state minister (Lilit Saverdyan, Eurasianet)

  81. A Fearful Harvest in Karabakh’s Vineyards (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  82. Russian exiles in Caucasus confront wartime identity crises (Arpi Bekaryan, Eurasianet)

  83. Kataro Wine continues Artsakh’s winemaking tradition 

  84. Hiking Artsakh with Armenian Geographic (Siranuysh Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  85. Azerbaijanis again block the road to Karabakh (Lilit Saverdyan, Eurasianet)

  86. Blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh enters second day (Lilit Saverdyan, Eurasianet)

  87. I grew up in a war that has never ended (Marine Martirosyan, Open Democracy)

  88. Gas restored to Karabakh, but road remains closed for fifth day (Lilit Saverdyan, Eurasianet)

  89. Christmas in Artsakh under blockade (Siranuysh Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  90. Artsakh appeals to the international community: Open the road of life (Siranuysh Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  91. Nagorno-Karabakh: Christmas Under Blockade (Anush Ghavalyan, The Greek City Times)

  92. My “Holiday Joy” On the Other Side of the Lachin Corridor (Lilit Saverdyan, Hetq Trace)

  93. Awaiting New Year Under Blockade (Lida Asilyan, The Mirror-Spectator)

  94. Nagorno Karabaj: Navidad bajo el bloqueo (Anush Ghavalyan, Gara)

  95. Nagorno Karabakh estrena l'any sota el bloqueig (Anush Ghavalyan, Diari de Barcelona)

  96. Artsaj bajo asedio (Siranuysh Srgsyan, Ara info)

  97. Fermeture du corridor de Latchine : des habitants du Haut-Karabakh coincés en Arménie (Taline Oundjian, France 24)

  98. Food shortages spark creative New Year’s solutions in Nagorno Karabakh (Arpi Bekaryan, OC Media)

  99. Supplies Dwindle as Karabakh Siege Continues (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  100. Blackouts and food rationing as Karabakh blockade (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  101. El bloqueig al Nagorno Karabakh supera el mes de durada (Lida Asilyan, Diari de Barcelona)

  102. Listen to the Mothers Besieged in Nagorno-Karabakh (Siranuysh Sargsyan, Newsweek)

  103. Au Haut-Karabakh, la menace d’une crise humanitaire sans précédent (Taline Oundjian, France 24)

  104. "Без света, газа и лекарств, зато у себя дома" (Lilit Shahverdyan, BBC Russian)

  105. How the blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh is hurting the families it divides (Siranush Sargsyan, Open Democracy)

  106. Blackouts and food rationing as Karabakh blockade enters second month (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  107. Diary from a besieged town (Lusyne Vanyan, Caucasus Edition)

  108. Photo essay: Life in Karabakh under blockade (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  109. Besieged Artsakh and Mental Health (Lusine Vanyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  110. Azerbaijan-Karabakh dialogue is happening (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  111. The Women of Askeran (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  112. Nagorny Karabakh’s Female Deminers (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  113. Azerbaijan signals possible military action as Karabakh talks falter (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  114. The people of Artsakh mark 100 days under blockade (Siranuysh Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  115. Supplies Dwindle as Karabakh Siege Continues (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  116. Remembering Avetis on Annunciation Day (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  117. Marking April 7 as the Mother of a Martyr (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  118. Remembering Maragha: Artsakh Armenians mark 31 years (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  119. "Деарменизация" Карабаха? КПП на границе с Арменией ставит под сомнение будущее армян в Азербайджане (Lilit Shahverdyan, BBC Russian)

  120. Blockaded Artsakh honors Genocide martyrs in annual march (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  121. The people of Artsakh rally against ethnic cleansing, mark three historic events (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  122. PM says Armenia ready to recognize Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  123. Six months into blockade, Nagorno-Karabakh faces energy crisis as key reservoir dries up (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  124. Azerbaijan’s Blockade Paralyses Nagorny Karabakh (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  125. Karabakh Armenians celebrate life occasions as uncertain future looms (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  126. Armenians start using Azerbaijani border post (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  127. Nagorno-Karabakh under total blockade (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  128. Hadrut: A community in exile committed to cultural preservation (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  129. The Hidden Place of Artsakh (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  130. Deadly clash erupts in Nagorno-Karabakh amid Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  131. Azerbaijani state media hints at another offensive in Karabakh (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  132. Nagorno-Karabakh authorities warn of "critical" situation as Azerbaijan bans Red Cross vehicles (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  133. Nagorno-Karabakh authorities stage sit-in demanding end to blockade (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  134. Azerbaijan arrests Nagorno-Karabakh resident during medical evacuation for "war crime" (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  135. Rally in Artsakh demands action to end humanitarian blockade (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  136. Surviving the Siege: The Life of the Artsakh’s Villages Under the Target of Azerbaijan, Siranush Sargsyan, Magazine)

  137. More false starts in Azerbaijan-Karabakh talks (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  138. Blockade in Nagorno-Karabakh: When Bread and Sanitary Pads Become Luxury Items (Siranush Sargsyan, Anush Ghavalyan, IPS News)

  139. Under Siege: Struggle amidst bread shortages in Artsakh (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  140. Nagorno Karabaj: cuando pan y compresas son artículos de lujo (Anush Ghavalyan y Syranush Sargsyan, Gara)

  141. Start of School in Jeopardy as Nagorny Karabakh Blockade Continues (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  142. Haut-Karabakh : des élus français escortent un convoi humanitaire, refusé par l'Azerbaïdjan (Taline Oundjian, France 24)

  143. Three more Armenians detained at Azerbaijan's Lachin checkpoint (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  144. Nagorno-Karabakh's leader resigns (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  145. Government’s Unfulfilled Promises Keep Displaced of Shurnukh Village in Limbo (Sona Hovsepyan, Mirror Spectator)

  146. Arranca el curso sin lápices ni cuadernos ni visos de solución (Syranush Sargsyan, Gara)

  147. Armenians alarmed by reports of Azerbaijani military buildup (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  148. Life Is a Struggle for Families Divided by Blockade in Karabakh (Gaiane Yenokian, Mirror Spectator)

  149. La lluita diària de les famílies armènies dividides pel bloqueig a Nagorno-Karabakh (Gaiane Yenokian, Diari de Barcelona)

  150. Blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh Obstructs Education for 20,000 Students (Sona Hovsepyan, Mirror Spectator)

  151. Nagorno-Karabakh receives first aid in months, but route to Armenia remains closed (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  152. "ללא צעדים מידיים – האוכלוסייה הארמנית בארצאך תושמד" (Gohar Ghazaryan & Gilad Sade, Times of Israel)

  153. “Yesterday We Struggled to Find Bread, Today We Are Struggling to Live” (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  154. Government’s Unfulfilled Promises Keep Displaced of Shurnukh Village in Limbo (Sona Hovsepyan, Mirror Spectator)

  155. Living Through War and Waiting for Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh (Siranush Sargsyan, Newlines Magazine)

  156. Russia says Armenian separatists surrender arms after Azerbaijan reclaims Nagorno-Karabakh (Gaiane Yenokian, AP)

  157. "Al menos ayúdenos a salir vivos de aquí" (Gaiane Yenokian, ARA)

  158. ‘People want to leave’: Artsakh Armenians Fear Living in Their Own Homes after Azerbaijan Offensive (Sona Hovsepyan, Mirror Spectator)

  159. Exasperated residents flee Nagorno-Karabakh after Azerbaijan seizes control of breakaway region (Gaiane Yenokian, AP)

  160. 'They bombed everywhere': Survivors recount Karabakh attack (Siranush Sargsyan, BBC)

  161. «Бомбили все подряд»: Рассказ выживших об обстреле села в Нагорном Карабахе (Siranush Sargsyan, BBC Russian)"

  162. Tots volem marxar": els armenis temen quedar-se a la seva terra després de l'ofensiva a l'Azerbaidjan (Sona Hovsepyan, Diari de Barcelona)

  163. Half of Nagorno-Karabakh’s population flees as the separatist government says it will dissolve (Gaiane Yenokian, AP)

  164. "We still believe that we will return" (Sona Hovsepyan, Civilnet)

  165. Exodus after 10-Month Blockade: the Aftermath of Bloody Peace (Lida Asilyan, Mirror Spectator)

  166. Armenia to offer refugee status to displaced Karabakhis (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  167. Nagorno Karabaj: desplazados, pero no a salvo (Gaiane Yenokian, IPS Noticias)

  168. Nagorno Karabakh: Displaced, But Far From Safe (Gaiane Yenokian, IPS News)

  169. Nagorny Karabakh’s Armenians Struggle to Cope with Displacement (Siranush Sargsyan, IWPR)

  170. Gairebé no queden armenis a Alt Karabaj (Gaiane Yenokian, ARA)

  171. Èxode i neteja ètnica després de 10 mesos de bloqueig: les conseqüències de l'ofensiva àzeri a Nagorno Karabakh (Lida Asilyan, Diari de Barcelona)

  172. We left everything’ Uprooted and jobless, Nagorno-Karabakh refugees start from scratch in Armenia (Sona Hovsepyan, Meduza)

  173. Armenia, Iran eye warming ties despite divergent interests (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  174. Փողը հայերեն հաշվող հնդիկներ. հայերի կոպտությունից դժգոհ են, բայց Հայաստանն իդեալական վայր է (Lilit Gasparyan, 5TV)

  175. Telling the truth: steps of young Armenian journalists in the international media (Gaiane Yenokian, Mediamax)

  176. The Storks of Ranchpar (Siranush Sargsyan, EVN Report)

  177. Una “pequeña India” en la pequeña Armenia (Lilit Gasparyan, IPS Noticias)

  178. A “Little India” in Little Armenia (Lilit Gasparyan, IPS News)

  179. Nagorno Karabakheko desplazatuak: etxetik urrun, baina ez salbu (Gaiane Yenokian, Gaur 8)

  180. Russia to revamp Armenia's nuclear power plant (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  181. From Scratch: The Forced Displacement and New Lives of Artsakh Refugees (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

  182. No longer withering on the vine (Sona Hovsepyan, Meduza)

  183. (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  184. Investigation: Armenian Fears of a ‘Concentration Camp’ in Nagorno-Karabakh May Have Been Warranted (Siranush Sargsyan, Newlines Magazine)

  185. The battle to save Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter (Gaiane Yenokian, The New Arab)

  186. Presos en el limbo: los cautivos armenios en Azerbaiyán (Anush Ghavalyan, IPS Noticias)

  187. Russia rejects criticism of peacekeepers in Karabakh (Lilit Shahverdyan, Eurasianet)

  188. Jailed in Limbo: The Armenian Prisoners in Azerbaijan (Anush Ghavalyan, IPS News)

  189. Business as usual for EU and Azerbaijan amid Nagorno-Karabakh ‘ethnic cleansing´ (Siranush Sargsyan, Open Democracy)

  190. Suspect Donations and Unidentified Sources of the Ruling Civil Contract's Election Campaign Finances (Lucy Manvelian, Infocom)

  191. He moved from Lebanon to Armenia for a better life. Now he’s in his fourth year of Azerbaijan detention (Gaiane Yenokian, L´Orient Today)

Dispatch from Margara (Sona Hovsepyan, Meduza)

Los prisioneros de guerra "invisibles" en Azerbayán (Anush Ghavalyan Gara)

Echoes of Artsakh: What women take when leaving home (Siranush Sargsyan, The Armenian Weekly)

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